"Adria has an eye for space, line & color that is completely transformative!"
Diane de Zylva, New South Wales, AU

Tujuana Merriewether Tujuana Merriewether, Senior Real Estate Associate

I have been in the real estate business for over 15 years and I have worked with many contractors and designers. Organizer Bunny has a most unusual approach and the results are always a beautiful transformation. Adria is a powerhouse of ideas and has many creative solutions on how to turn unusable space into comfortable living space. She loves to clear clutter and is a whiz with placement in color. Her personal concept of Feng Shui really works!

One of the things I most value is Adria’s skill at listening to what her clients’ want and need. Her questions are thought-provoking and will inspire you to look at things and space in a new way.

Her coaching skill and her hands-on experience in founding and running a construction company, make for unique individual who will leave you with systems and beauty that enhance your quality of life and work for you.

AnnMarie Neiger AnnMarie Neiger, Investment Counselor

Adria has an extraordinary eye for color and design whether applied to a room or your wardrobe. She picks wardrobe pieces for an individual’s style and accentuates their unique attributes. She has a great eye for fabric and line and will help you acquire pieces for your body type, beyond conforming to fashion fads.

You will see yourself in a whole new light. Working with her does wonders for your self-confidence. I remember my surprise to see myself in pieces I would never have picked for myself. I still get compliments to this day, about one of them, which always brings a smile to my face.

She is a wizard in designing spaces for beauty, style, comfort, energy flow, harmony and efficiency. She can help you turn your house into a home. I miss having her with me as my personal shopper. Do yourself a favor and give her a call.

Hello my beautiful friends!

Do you love it? Do you use it? If not, it is probably clutter.

WHAT!? It can’t be that simple. It is. Over our lifetime, we collect things. We collect mementoes, greeting cards, clothes we no longer wear, things handed down by our families and just plain stuff!

Did you know one out of eleven households in the USA rent space at a storage facility. They spend a LOT of money storing their things. How often do you visit your stuff? Do you look at it and use it? No? It’s clutter.

It’s time to make space for your dreams and make space for your life!


Everything has energy and the energy around you affects your life, whether you know it or not. 


  • PDF workbook online for each module
  • Videos online for each module
  • Private Facebook Page
  • Daily quick email inspiration
  • 2 live online group coachings per month


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  • See & feel your health improve
  • Attract and keep love in your life
  • Have better relationships with friends & family
  • Never be late again, because you have nothing to wear
  • Discover how to become a magnet for prosperity
  • Practice gratitude and share the bounty you attract

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Well, now I've got a problem. I changed my life with Life Design Formula -- but now, I want my house to look like the new me!

Karoline H.

Do you love it? Do you use it? No? It is probably clutter.

Gather your five super, inexpensive tools and armed with intention for what you want in each space, get to work. Watch the videos and use your checklists.

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MODULE 1 Master Bedroom, the Closet & Bathrooms

For Health & Relationships, we need to clear out the master bedroom, the closet and the bath. Do you want love? Make space for it.

Do you want great social relationships and never be late again because you have nothing to wear? Vibrant health? Clean out the bathroom.

MODULE 2 Front Door, Kitchen & Family Room

Do you want prosperity and abundance? Are you convinced that will happen if you save everything – just in case? Keeping broken things, things you don’t use, or doubles and triples of things, defeat the purpose. Instead, share the bounty you have.

MODULE 3 Computer, Office , Attic, Basement & Garage

Check your intention as you clear each space. What does your home office mean to you? Weed out your paper files and scan the important ones to your computer. Make the foundation of your home, your basement, clean and bright. Organize and clean the attic and store your car - better resale - in the garage.


This work is ongoing and you will develop a habit of periodically weeding out and clearing your space of everything you don't need or love. The clarity you achieve will allow everything you want to fall into place with ease and harmony.

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