"This course has completely changed my life!"
Karoline Huenergardt

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Armanda Cerqueira Huenergardt Armanda Cerqueira Huenergardt, Student Academic Counselor, Rutgers University - Newark

I “should have” been happy and yet… I wasn’t.

I was in denial about a lot of things and living according to “shoulds.”  I would have never figured it out had I not dived into the Life Design Formula course with both feet!

This course is my perfect storm. Now, finally, I can see what I want. YOU WILL WORK, but with all the love, support, and encouragement you could ever desire.

If, for one second, you think you need change in your life, take this course! You will not regret it; I can promise you that.

Debbie Burton Debbie Burton, Coach | SEO & Social Media Expert

Adria's amazing Life Design Formula has created several miracles in my life in just the past couple of months.  A new car was on my wish list and poof!  It’s sitting in my garage. My 5 step-children and I have had challenging relationships in the past 20 years: now, there is harmony. Another miracle. I’m “unstuck” in my business. I am accomplishing goals daily and forging ahead – there’s no stopping now.

Major changes and awesome growth -- and it’s due to this life-changing course. It’s fun and revealing. Time for those changes you’ve been wanting (and some you haven’t even realized you want yet)? Join this program.  It will be the best gift you ever gave yourself!

Hello my beautiful friends!

And a warm hello to my loyal supporters who enjoy Facebook live sessions . It's time for me to share my new online course: You Are the Artist Life Design Formula!

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Our power as women is strengthened by community. Together, we can move mountains!


At the Vancouver Peace Summit, the Dalai Lama said Western women will save the world. We are those women and we have work to do. To change the world, we must change ourselves first! Are you ready?

Your discount ends Oct 31, 2017 at 5 PM and our first class begins January 11, 2018 at 8 PM LIVE on Zoom.

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  • PDF workbook online for each module
  • Videos online for each module
  • Private Facebook Page
  • Daily quick email inspiration
  • 2 live 90 min. online group coaching per month
  • 1 online live call for orientation
  • FREE $497. Bonus: Make Space for the Life You Want

$197. per month [$100.00 off through Oct.31, 2017]


  • PDF workbook online  for each module
  • Videos online for each module
  • Private Facebook Page
  • Daily quick email inspiration
  • 2 live 90 min. online group coaching calls per month
  • FREE $497. Bonus: Make Space for the Life You Want
  • Half day in person, or online, Orientation session
  • 3, 30 min private coaching calls per month
  • Private Coaching is by application only. I take only 10 Phoenix Program clients per year.

Join us for this online course. . .

  • Module 1 ALL ABOUT ME

    Get crystal-clear on where you are, what you really want, and where you want to go.


    Experience the tangible magic of a daily, conscious  practice of gratitude.  Your dreams will become reality. It’s true. I have done it, as have my clients. Our lives are forever changed.

  • Module 3 MY CHOICE

    Balance your life wheel, discover your strengths and weaknesses and choose what areas of your life you will work on first.

and you will. . .

  • Module 4 MY STRATEGY

    Create a flexible plan on how to make your vision reality. Learn exactly what skills you need to focus and achieve your goals faster.

  • Module 5 MY MINDSET

    Tweak your mindset to get exactly what it is you need and the creative mojo to design irresistible action steps that work for you.


    Experience life-changing, expert coaching SUPPORT, flexible STRUCTURE and the SYNERGY of a group of empowered wise women.

Your Amazing Bonus

Well, now I've got a problem. I went through Life Design Formula and I'm different. I got the clear your space thing, but now - I want my house to look like the new me!

Karoline H.

Do you love it? Do you use it? If not, it is probably clutter.

WHAT!? It can’t be that simple. It is. Over our lifetime, we collect things. We collect mementos, greeting cards, clothes we no longer wear, clothes we hope to fit into someday, things handed down by our families and just plain stuff!

Everything has energy and the energy around you affects your life, whether you know it or not. We talk about how to discover where energy is stuck and of course, how to get it unstuck.

It’s time to make space for your dreams and make space for your life!

Watch the videos and use your checklists.

If you decide NOT to become part of the Life Design Formula group, you can buy this course separately. Use the yellow button below. The cost is $497.00.

If you are joining us for the Life Design Formula, this bonus is FREE and part of your course. DO NOT press the yellow button below.

MODULE 1 Master Bedroom, the Closet & Bathrooms

For Health & Relationships, we need to clear out the master bedroom, the closet and the bath. Do you want love? Make space for it. Do you want great social relationships and never be late again because you have nothing to wear! Vibrant health? Clean out the bathroom.

MODULE 2 Front Door, Kitchen & Family Room

Do you want prosperity and abundance? Are you convinced that will happen if you save everything – just in case? Keeping broken things, things you don’t use, or doubles and triples of things, defeat the purpose. Instead, share the bounty you have.

MODULE 3 Computer, Office , Attic, Basement & Garage

Check your intention as you clear each space. Home office: weed your paper files and scan the important ones to your computer. Make the foundation of your home, your basement, clean and bright. Organize and clean the attic and garage your car - better resale!

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