How to Use The ‘One” Energy of 2017 To Fuel Your Success

2017 is a “one” universal year in numerology. What does that mean for you? A universal year means that everyone on earth is influenced by the energy related to that vibration during the year.  How do you figure out what the universal energy for any given year is? Easy. Example: 2017:   2 + 0 +…

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Perfection is impossible – let it go!

How many times have you torn up something in frustration because it didn’t turn out perfectly? I have. Have you made cookies just for the joy of it and ate all the imperfect ones? When you waddled out of the kitchen, did you see anything wrong with that picture? Now, I am sweet as honey…

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Two Keys to a Happier Life

Do you think two words can change your life? No? Come on, have a little fun. Play with me. I have two keys that will make your life happier. The first key is ACCEPTANCE. Do you think that is passive or weak? How many of you think acceptance is running away from the struggle? What…

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